SPM Terminals – O&M Services

Underwater Service Company Limited is the pioneer in SPM maintenance in India. In the business of SPM operations since 1978 / 79, the Company has India’s largest pool of qualified, trained SPM manpower. Operating under the aegis of an experienced Management team, the vessel crew work together, with our diving and SPM maintenance teams in a synergized manner, to provide high quality, seamless services to our clients.

SPM O&M Activities:

  • SPM terminals operation, maintenance, inspection & repairs.
  • Complete Air Diving support, including provision of air diving spread & diving equipment.
  • Provision of SPM berthing/pullback tugs.
  • Mooring, discharge and loading of tankers, provision of hose and line boats.
  • Oil Spill Response.
  • Change out of SPM Buoy, lump sum turnkey project.
  • Pre-commissioning / Verification checks.

Salient Features:

  • Market leader in the specialized field of Single Point Mooring (SPM) teminal operation and maintenance (O&M)
  • Long operating history of various different SPMs (SBM, IMODCO, Sofec, Bluewater, etc), all major hose manufacturers, in diverse envirnomental conditions.
  • Clean safety record of operations without any SPM loss time incident /  accident.
  • No major oil spill incidents at any SPM terminal have been attributable to the Company’s operations.
  • Currently operating multiple SPM terminals on both west and east coast of India.
  • Large, qualified, experienced manpower pool

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